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Magmanta's Cave

The secret passage that leads to the entrance of the Temple of Frozen Water. Magmanta's Cave has a giant monster glaring at the adventurers.
A secret passage that leads to the Hall of Water. There are many spiders here.
Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
Dungeon Layout
Magmanta Cave Map HVH.png
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Shadow Port Walker.jpg Shadow Port Walker - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Walker that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons.
  • Claw Attack: A basic 3 hit combo with their claws.
  • Recover Claw: When knocked down, spring back on its feet with an overhead claw slash.
Shadow Port Trickster.jpg Shadow Port Trickster - A large Shadow monster with advanced magical capabilities.
  • Wind Totem: A blue totem that creates a sphere of wind that increases the stats of the mobs.
  • Fire Totem: A red totem that emits homing fireballs.
  • Lightning Bolt: The Trickster shoots a bolt of lightning out of his hands.
ShadowPortCharger Head.jpg Shadow Port Charger - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Charger that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons.
  • Charge: It will run forward, damaging any players within its path.
  • Grab: It can also grab onto any players, immobilizing them. You can escape from their grasp by rapidly tapping the left and right arrow keys.
ShadowPortDefender Head.jpg Shadow Port Defender - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Defender that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons.
  • Shadow Spear: It will launch spears in and arc towards you. When a player gets hit by the spears, they will be Cursed and will gradually lose mana over time.
  • Dark Aura: Emit a dark aura that increases the defense of monsters within range. It will also cause Shadow Charger's Grab to drain HP and MP at a significant rate.
  • Crescent Slash: When knocked down, recover by swinging its thorn like arms ins a circle.
ShadowPortSniper Head.jpg Shadow Port Sniper - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Sniper that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons.
  • Aimed Light Beam: Slowly charges up their laser and then fires it. The laser will travel across the entire stage. Unlike the normal Shadow Sniper the laser can be aimed in all directions including into the back and foreground.
Hamel-blood-linker.jpg Blood Linker - This is a red alternate form of the Shadow Linker.
  • Blood Link: The Blood Linker will link itself with a player eating away at their health gradually.
Hamel-mana-linker.jpg Mana Linker - This is a blue alternate form of the Shadow Linker.
  • Mana Link: The Mana Linker will link itself with a player eating away at their mana gradually.
Hamel-shadow-linker.jpg Shadow Linker - A small Shadow monster that can Soul Link just like Shadow Master.
  • Link: The Shadow Linker will link itself with a player causing them to have significantly reduced movement and attack speed.
Hagalaz Noah's Grave.jpg Hagaluz - A spirit much like Laguz and Iz with power of ice and darkness.
  • Ice Saw: She will create a saw of ice in front of her inflicting Frostbite.
  • Ice Daggers: She will spew ice dagger in front of her inflicting Frostbite.
  • Ice Trap: She can also summon several Ice Traps. Contact with this aura will induce Curse.
  • Self-Destruct: When she dies, a dark eye aura envelops her.
Spider Cocoon.jpg Spider Cocoons - In this dungeon, you will encounter cocoons. You are required to destroy them to advance through the dungeon. After destroying them, either a Mantaray or Mantatres will spawn.


Mantares Head.jpg Mantares - This is one of the two spiders that you will encounter. It will attack by spewing acid from their mouth that will poison you while hitting you multiple times.
  • Slash: These spiders can slash with their legs.
  • Lunge: These spiders are able to lunge attack with their entire body.
  • Acid Spit: These spiders are able to spew acid out of their mouths.
Mantaray.jpg Mantaray - This is the smaller and weaker spider that you will encounter in this dungeon. They will attack mainly with their legs.
  • Slash: These spiders can slash with their legs.
  • Lunge: These spiders are able to lunge attack with their entire body.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Bobosse.png Giant Hammer Bobosse
  • Smash: Bobosse will simply smash his hammer once onto the ground.
  • Launcher: Bobosse will swing his hammer twice at you. The second hit will launch you into the air.
  • Double Hit: Bobosse will become super-armored and smashes his hammer twice into the ground.
  • Quake Smash: Bobosse will jump into the air and as he descends, he will swing his hammer into the ground, which will create a small quake on the ground.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Hamel-black-flower.jpg Black Flower - The Black Flowers in Magmanta's Cave grow on the ground rather than on the bottom of platforms. They will attack by emitting poison gas upward. After killing one, they will emit a toxic cloud to poison any players that are close to it.
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.
Collapsing Bridge.png Collapsing Bridge - Bobosse will destroy the bridge leading to the Water Temple.
IceRock.png Chromnite - Only appears at the passageway to Magmanta's chamber. Falls as players approach.
  • As there is a chance of Lavish Gold Boxes and misc. food ingredient drops from these rocks, players with full MP for the boss should pretrigger the rocks by going forward until it shakes, and retreating back to avoid its fall, then collect the items.
Portal.png Portal - This portal doesn't attack you, it transports you between the front layer to the back layer where Shadow Port Snipers are trying to snipe you from.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Magmanta.jpg Magmanta - The giant queen of the Spiders in Magmanta's Cave. She blocks the path to the Temple of Water.
  • Cripple Cut: Magmanta rises up into the air and crashes into the ground near the player. Can be avoided by waiting in one spot until the monster sign appears above the player's head, and moving quickly out of range.
  • Lunge: Magmanta will pull back slightly then jump forwards trying to crush anything in front of it.
  • Leg Slash: Magmanta will slash you two times with its front legs. It can be interrupted, as it will only super-armor on second slash.
  • Quake Smash: Magmanta lifts its front legs and smashes hard into the ground in front of it. Afterwards, rocks will fall from the ceiling and can damage you and Magmanta as well.
  • Acid Spray: Magmanta will spray poison at you, which will damage and poison you.
  • Bug Bite: Magmanta will lean towards you and will try to bite you in an attempt to damage you.
  • Prepare Attack: After taking 60 hits without super armor, Magmanta will retire to the background of the stage, where it cannot be attacked, multiple Mantares and Mantaray will drop onto the stage. It will walk around and use Acid Spray towards the player when you are within its range up to 3 times. It will return to the map by using Crippling Cut.
  • Pheromone: After reducing Magmanta's health to less than 1/4, it will begin releasing red smoke, which continuously summons more Mantares and Mantaray into battle. Once Magmanta reaches this stage, it can no longer use Prepare Attack.


  • Has a stoic threshold of 60 hits. Instead of a normal reaction when reaching the Stoic Threshold, Magmanta will instead use Prepare Attack and escape into the background.


  • While Magmanta is on the other side of the map, being on the left upper platform will make her ignore the players, like this she won't spit poison.
  • Pheromone always activates at 7 HP bars. Do not waste your MP on special actives (unless they are of extremely quick DPS e.g. Fatality) when Magmanta's HP is nearing this point as it will become invincible when it uses the skill.


Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Bobosse Skinned Sword
Bobosse Skinned Sword
Giant Hammer Bobosse

Lv58 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +4164

Magical Attack +3423

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical Hit Rate +5%

Ice Element Resistance +40

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By luckykamon

Rune Slayer with party run

  • Strangely, despite Magmanta's massive size and weight, it does not fracture the ice when it uses Crippling Cut and does not fall into the water during Prepare Attack. This is likely because its weight is spread over 6 legs.
  • There is a glitch where, if you awaken right before teleporting into Magmanta's room, only your weapon (and tails if you're Ara) will appear, and you will be invincible against all attacks. However, you can still attack in this state.
    • This state of invincibility and avatar invisibility will wear off once your awakening mode ends.
  • The Spider Cocoons used to able to summon Missing Red Knights who would fight on your side. However at some point, they were removed and the Spider Cocoons will either summon a spider enemy or simply not summon anything.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 마그만타의 동굴 Magmanta's Cave
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 瑪丹瑪朵洞穴 Magmanta's Cave
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 玛丹玛朵洞窟 Magmanta's Cave
German Flag.png Germany Magmantas Schlupfwinkel Magmanta's Hideout
Spanish Flag.png Spain Guarida de Magmanta Magmanta's Lair
French Flag.png France Le repaire de Magmanta Magmanta's Lair
Italian Flag.png Italy Nascondiglio di Magmanta Magmanta's Hideout
Polish Flag.png Poland Kryjówka Magmanty Magmanta's Hideout
English Flag.png United Kingdom Magmanta's Lair
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Caverna de Magmanta Magmanta's Cave

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