Ancient Phoru

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Holy Beast
Ancient Phoru2.png
Name Ancient Phoru
NPC Role Holy Beast
Location White Mist Swamp
There's a myth that the Ancient Phoru that resides within the White Mist Swamp is actually created by the El Shard to protect itself from harm.

~ Hagus

Ancient Phoru


The Holy Beast of the White Mist Swamp.


Chapter 1: Banthus, the one who is after El

Human intervention and unrest in the White Mist Swamp angered the Ancient Phoru. While Lowe and the other members of the El Search Party were scouting the area for Banthus, the Ancient Phoru attacked them, causing them to lose track of Banthus. Since it was a very important guardian of Ruben, Lowe ordered the beast to be contained until it is able to calm down.

Boss: Ancient Phoru

Ancient Phoru's appearance in White Mist Swamp

The Ancient Phoru will appear in White Mist Swamp as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Claw Combo: The Ancient Phoru will swipe at you twice with its sharp claws.
  • Ram: The boss will crouch and then charge to the other side of the stage. Any player that are hit will be launched into the air.
  • Flamethrower: The Ancient Phoru will charge up his fiery breath and breathe fire along the stage's ground. The flames will inflict Burn to anyone it hits. To dodge, just stay near him while he finishes.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에인션트 뽀루 Ancient Phoru
Japanese Flag.png Japan プオブラム
German Flag.png Germany Uralter Poru Ancient Phoru
Spanish Flag.png Spain Poru vetusto Ancient Phoru
French Flag.png France Ancêtre Porou Phoru Ancestor
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Poporu Ancião Ancient Phoru
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