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Ruben Village's Item Shop
Name Ann
NPC Role Ruben Village's Item Shop
Location Ruben Village
Age 21
Welcome. My name's Ann. Wow, you're my first guest!

~ Ann


Official Description

Ann is a merchant in Ruben who cares greatly for the guardians of the El Tree, the Ancient Phorus. Ann is a purveyor of the basic equipment needed to explore a dungeon.


Chapter 1: Banthus, the one who is after El

Ann seems to have a long running history when it comes to dealing with William's shenanigans in Lake Noahs. During the events of White Mist Swamp, she showed concern about the human intervention in the area, speculating that they were the cause of the Ancient Phoru's outrage. She would be right in believing so. She stayed back to manage her shop in Ruben as well as keeping an eye on whatever may arise due to the missing El. She thanks the El Search Party and wishes them luck in retrieving Ruben's El from Banthus.


  • Ann wrote the skill note Deadly Cosmetics. The Skill Note reveals that the mole under her eye isn't real.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea Anne
Japanese Flag.png Japan アン Ann
German Flag.png Germany Anne
Spanish Flag.png Spain Ana Anna
French Flag.png France Anne
Italian Flag.png Italy Anne
Polish Flag.png Poland Anna
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Anne
App Store Logo.pngGoogle Play Store Icon.png Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Anna

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