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The Beads are shown under your portrait while your Awakening Gauge is next to the portrait

Awakening Mode is a special ability that is available to all characters. While in Awakening Mode, attack power is boosted by 20% for a limited period of time. If the character has reached its Transcendent class, the damage will increase by 30% instead. Certain skills also obtain unique characteristics outside the damage increase while in this state, such as specified damage multipliers or a different number of hits.

To activate Awakening, you must have at least one Awakening Bead, shown just below your character's portrait. An Awakening Bead is generated when the Awakening Charge gauge (next to your character portrait) is filled. The charge increases each time you hit an opponent or when you are hit. A maximum of 3 Awakening Beads are available. The rate at which your Awakening gauge fill up can be increased by raising your Awakening Charge Speed stat.

Once you have one or more Beads, press the left CTRL key to activate Awakening. The duration of Awakening is equal to 30 seconds per bead consumed. Duration can be further increased by raising your Awakening Time stat or through certain passive skills. Awakening can not be activated again until the duration is over.

Some characters can receive special abilities if they awaken with 3 Beads, such as Raven's Nasod Core, Chung's Berserk Mode, Ara's Celestial Fox Mode, and Eve's Core Release.

Awakening Mode can also be activated through the use of certain consumable items, an Awakening Potion, or triggered randomly through Fever.


Main Article: Dynamo Point System
Unlike other characters' awakening, Add's awakening is called Dynamo Configuration Mode (DC) and when Add has at least 100 DP, he is able to awaken like any other character. Like awakening, Add will gain a damage boost when in DC Mode. He will also be able to reduce DP usage for skills that requie DP and each hit by him will while in DC Mode will decrease the DP gauge. After advancing to his first job he will be able to execute Nasod Armor combo extensions depending on the job advancement.


Main Article: Power System#Spiritualism

Unlike other characters, Ain possesses notable differences in how his Awakening Mode functions. Ain can only hold one Awakening Bead at a time and receive only 5% increase in damage in Awakening Mode. However, he can reawaken while Awakening Mode is active to raise his Awakening stage to obtain additional benefits.


Tips and Details

  • Without any stats invested to the Awakening Charge Speed stat, one Awakening Bead can be charged by performing 100 hits or being attacked with 50 hits.
  • Please note that the Awakening sequence can fail when transitioning to another stage within a dungeon or being attacked as the Awakening sequence begins, meaning some characters have delay before they awakened (around 0.7s) so if the screen freeze before they could Awaken, you will lose your beads without being able to Awaken at all.

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