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Black Tiger Knights Leader
Name Corkus
NPC Role Black Tiger Knights Leader



The leader of the Black Tiger Knights, a faction of elite knights who are opposing the kingdom during the Velder civil war.


Velder Civil War

Leader of an elite group of knights known as the Black Tiger Knights, Corkus was enlisted by the leader of the Velder rebellion, Sir Branderk. Once Branderk and his forces established a stronghold in Glornir Plains, Sir Corkus and his knights were stationed on the sole path leading to the plains as the rebellion's ultimate line of defense. This defensive campaign proved very successful as the Velder forces were not able to advance are make any blows to the rebellion.

With the help of Elesis and Elkashu's guidance, the Velder forces traversed through Marden Forest and were able to launch a surprise assault of Corkus's Black Tiger Knights. Elesis and the knights aimed to take out the Black Tiger Knight's supplies.

A messenger confronted Corkus about the surprise attack on his army, soon the conversation was interrupted by Elkashu who decided to confront Sir Corkus himself. The two engaged in mounted horseback combat. The two deflected each other's attack but Corkus soon became fully aware of Elkashu's fleeting condition and expresses disappointment in his adversary. He tell Elkashu that the battle was not a complete disappointment before he prepared to deliver the final blow. Before his strike could land, Elesis arrived and deflected his slash.

Corkus was confused of the child's sudden intrusion. Elesis introduced herself and Corkus had heard of word of her. Scoffing at the child, he and Elesis engaged in combat. Elesis fled and ran away from Corkus's attacks. The general grew angered at the girl's constant fleeing. He continued to attack and Elesis continued to avoid his attack until she found the perfect opportunity to strike. Elesis took the opportunity and landed an open strike for his stomach. Receiving fatal damage from the strike, Corkus collapsed. With his defeat, the Red Mercenary Knights were able to turn the tides of the Civil War.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea  ??? Corkus
French Flag.png France Korkus Corkus

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