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"Dance Commands" are special commands that will make your character perform a dance when entered in the chat while wearing certain costumes. While the animation plays, it is accompanied with special music. A majority of these dances are based on K-pop songs as a collaboration event with certain idol groups. Some dances may have different animations, depending on the gender of the player character.

List of Dance Commands

Original Song Costume Set Required Chat Command Video
Dancing Queen (댄싱퀸)
By Crayon Pop
Korean Flag.png ???
Bar Bar Bar (빠빠빠)
By Crayon Pop
Korean Flag.png ???
Uh-ee (어이)
By Crayon Pop
Korean Flag.png ???
Be My Boy! (내 아들)
By Dr.Yun ft. SeeU (시유)
Korean Flag.png ???
Korean Flag.png ???
OK (오케이)
By Strawberry Milk
Korean Flag.png ???
N/A Trump Bunny Set Korean Flag.png /바니
Flag-us.png /bunny
By Crayon Pop
Korean Flag.png ???
Sweet Girl
By B1A4
Korean Flag.png /스윗걸
Korean Flag.png /나비
Flag-us.png /sweet girl
Flag-us.png /butterfly
Korean Flag.png ???
Me Gustas Tu (오늘부터 우리는)
By GFriend
♥Me Gustas Tu♥ Set Korean Flag.png /여자친구
Flag-us.png /gf (Female characters)
Flag-us.png /bf (Male characters)
Like Ooh-Ahh! (Ooh-Ahh하게!)
By Twice
Korean Flag.png ???
BTS 'Run' Set Korean Flag.png /런
Flag-us.png /run
Rough (시간을 달려서)
By GFriend
GFRIEND 'Rough' Set Korean Flag.png ???
Flag-us.png /GF
Navillera (너 그리고 나)
By GFriend
Navillera Set Korean Flag.png ???
Flag-us.png /Navillera
The Closer
Korean Flag.png ???


  • When performing the "Me Gustas Tu" dance as a female character, they may sometimes slip and fall at the start of the animation. This is a reference to a live performance of the song by GFriend where the member Yuju fell multiple times during the performance.
  • On the North American server, the female "Me Gustas Tu" set and the "Rough" set have the same command, except "Rough" has its command capitalized.

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