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Commander of Hamel's Defenses
Name Helputt Seiker
NPC Role Commander of Hamel's Defenses
Location Dawn of Hamel, Temple of Trials
I wanted to protect Hamel at all cost but... Ran has made me choose...

~ Helputt



Chung's father and Hamel's White Colossus. One of Hamel's most respected warriors. During the invasion of the demons, he was corrupted and his armor turned black. His conversion meant a great loss for the Hamel forces.



When Helputt was a child, he, much like his son, was a sickly child. However, he desired to be strong and despite his weakness and his inability to keep up with the children around him, he kept trying to be strong. He trained his way to become "Hamel's White Colossus". He rose up and became the commander of Hamel's defenses and one of the city's most respected figures, as well as the heir to the Seiker family.

Heir to the Seiker Family

Before Chung was born, Helputt faced one major complication: he had no heirs. For some time, he was unable to have a child to which the Seiker lineage would be passed down to. It wasn't until eventually his son Prince was born. His son was weak and frail so Helputt held off giving his son the guardian stone. Although the child was frail and sickly for much of his early life, Helputt did not give up on the young Prince or himself. When his son was sick, Helputt would tell his son stories and stand by his bedside, calling him by his nickname Chung.

Upon Chung's eighth birthday, Helputt decided to bestow the guardian stone to his son as a lesson of honor and his duty to protect Hamel. Helputt trained his son in their private training grounds, where he displayed a very different personality than he would elsewhere. Helputt became strict and pushed his son to his limits to bring out the guardian he knew was inside his son. However, Chung wasn't able to break those limits, leaving Helputt disappointing but the dedication he had in his son was unfazed. As the time for Chung to call forth his armor and weapon from the guardian stone came closer, Helputt decided to tell Chung a story about a sickly child, one who was weak and couldn't keep up with other children. The child continued to strive to become stronger no matter what happened and in the end, he became a proud guardian of Hamel. He reveals that this child was Helputt and this was his story. His story motivated Chung to never give up.

Demon Invasion

When the demons invaded Hamel, Helputt, as the Commander of Hamel's Defenses, was at the forefront defending Hamel. However, things would meet a grinding turn when Lord Rod Ross delivered a message to Helputt written by Ran. The letter detailed an ultimatum towards Helputt. Ran had control of the Guardian Stone and was going to take complete control over either Helputt or his son Chung. Unwilling to allow his son to suffer such a fate, Helputt reluctantly agreed to Ran's ultimatum and surrendered himself to the demons. Helputt disappeared from the battlefield without a trace and the missing hero dealted a hard blow to the morale of the Hamel military, even more so once he reappeared. The next time he was seen, he was clad in black armor and was fighting alongside the demons.

With the help of Helputt, Ran stormed the Temple of Water and captured both the Water Priest Avalanche and the Water Priestess Sasha. Controlled like a puppet by Ran, Helputt interrogated the Water Priestess for information about the Water Seal and the "Prophecy of the World's Root". However, the Priestess remained silent and the Water Seal's location remained unknown.

Helputt led the Demon army and stormed Resiam on the Dawn of Hamel, where he slaughtered anybody who stood in his way and nearly killed his own son Chung. However, Chung managed to escape into Resiam Outskirts, where the El Search Party found him.

Temple of Trials

After the events of Hamel, Ran fled the region and the Water Priestess returned. Sasha tells the El Search Party of the Temple of Trials, an ancient shrine meant to test the guardians of Hamel. She tells that Helputt is being held captive in the shrine, so the El Search Party enter the dungeon hoping to free him. When they arrive, Helputt was being restrained by two Shadow Priests but the El Search Party intervenes and breaks him free. Enraged and out of control, Helputt nearly kills all the El Search Party, but with the help of the Water Priestess, they manage to escape with their lives. In order to gain the necessary powers to defeat Helputt, the El Search Party go through each of the temple's trials and confront Helputt. After defeating the corrupted guardian, they manage to free him from his captivity. However, the reunion is short-lived as hordes of demons begin to storm the main hall of the temple. Helputt sprung into action and fended off the incoming demons. He bought time for the El Search Party to escape but the White Colossus wasn't able to follow among the hordes of demons.

Boss: Fallen Guardian: Helputt

Helputt's appearance in Temple of Trials

Helputt will appear in Temple of Trials as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Iron Paladin Combos: He will use his Destroyer to mimic Chung's combos, such as ZZZX, XXX, XXZX, and Iron Paladin's ZZX.
    • Helputt will always have the Land Demolisher buff active passively.
    • During his XXZX combo, he will not be in Stoic during the Z portion of the combo.
  • Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista: Fires a warhead up and drops down, causing a large explosion.
  • Carpet Bombing: Calls for an air strike.
  • Comet Crasher: Fires numerous missiles down.
    • Animation is same as that of Deadly Chaser, however he fires faster and with more shots.
  • Iron Howling: Release a loud war cry that stuns.
  • Pain of Caladbolg: Release a devastating war cry, dealing high damage, does additional damage for every status ailment a player is inflicted with. Tends to be used after Iron Howling.
    • The explosion can instantly kill you, as it can do over 400,000 damage and it ignores defense like Chung's version.
  • Scare Chase: Fires a red homing missile.
    • After the 03/18/2015 KR patch, explosion damage increased, almost similar to Eltrion's missile damage, so it's best to use any special active that gives invincibility frames to avoid being tracked by the missiles.
  • Heavy Stance: Sometimes when Helputt is attacked, he will automatically enter heavy stance mode (Will super armor) and he may use a counterattack through his X combo.
    • During Heavy Stance, he will temporarily reduce all incoming damage by 99%.


  • There are less chances of mistakes being made if Helputt is cornered; once the fight starts, make an effort to push him against a wall.
  • You can prevent being targeted by Helputt's Scare Chase if you use a skill with invincibility frames. This is especially necessary if you are going solo. If you use a Special Active with short invincibility frames, be sure that Helputt is out of range from the delay or you risk being targeted after the delay ends.
  • Helputt has no Stoic Threshold, making it possible to keep him in an infinite stunlock using attacks with no KD value.



  • Helputt wrote the skill note Heavy Blast.
  • The side story Boy's Resolve 6 reveals that Helputt, much like his son Prince, was sick and frail for much of his early life.
  • During development of Temple of Trials, there were plans to reveal Helputt's face, however concerns of disappointing people ultimately resulted in his face never being shown in the dungeon.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 헬퍼트 Helputt
Japanese Flag.png Japan ヘルフォード Helford
German Flag.png Germany Heinrich
Spanish Flag.png Spain Enrique
French Flag.png France Heinrich

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