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Ruler of Elysion
Name Herbaon
NPC Role Ruler of Elysion
Location Adrian's Palace, Solace's Fortress
Voice Actors Flag-us.png Brian Beacock
Whoever you guys are. I won't let you get any closer to father..!!

~ Herbaon



The personal guard to Adrian Nasod and ruler of Elysion. He was created to replace Herjuno who had been abandoned on Atlas. He values his father highly.


Solace and the El Lady

After Herjuno was disposed of by Solace, Adrian created Herbaon in order to take on the role of ruler and architect of Elysion. In his spare time, Herbaon would create PooPang Nasods and construct elaborate puzzles inside Adrian's Palace. Once Solace caught wind of Adrian's plot to investigate the El Lady, Solace trapped both Adrian and Herbaon inside the palace, unable to escape.

Chapter 24: Find Solace's Fortress

The El Search Party having made their way through Adrian's Palace, getting past Dekal, the PooPang Nasods, and Herbaon's puzzles. They come to Adrian's room, there they came face to face with Herbaon himself. Realizing that they were not actually the reported troops from Atlas, Herbaon took the offensive in order to protect Adrian. Ara noticed the similarities he had with Yuno, Herbaon piecing it together realizing they were talking about the betrayer Herjuno, Herbaon thought the party as minion of Solace. Eve tried to calm Herbaon down but he believed that Eve had been reprogrammed to do their bidding. Hoping to defend his father and restore Eve, Herbaon attacked. Having been defeated, Herbaon was still not ready to give up. Eve tried to reason with Herbaon eventually inching Herbaon to at least hear what they have to say. After Elsword explained everything that had happened, Herbaon understood the situation and expressed his regrets, being unable to have prevented what had happened.

The El Search Party needing to speak with Adrian requested the aid of Herbaon to open his hibernation capsule. Herbaon and Eve hacked into his capsule and were able to awaken Adrian Nasod.

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

Feeling as if he needed to play a greater role in helping the El Search Party stop Solace. Herbaon commanded his army in order to aid the El Search Party in raiding Solace's Fortress. Deep inside, Herbaon helped the group destroy one of Solace's cores which allowed them access to the deepest parts of his fortress.

Boss: Herbaon

Herbaon's appearance in Adrian's Palace.

Herbaon will appear in Adrian's Abode as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Light Arrow: Forms a bow-like structure out of his drones, then fires two spheres of light energy a distance forwards.
  • Light Trap: Imprison players in a suction of light energy before sending a piece of debris straight down from the sky. Can be escaped by mashing back and forth.
  • Light Barrier: Covers himself with his drones, empowering them with light energy, then slides forward harming players in his path.
  • Light Explosion: Expels a blast of light energy around him, dealing high damage.
  • Lasers: Either the horizontal or two vertical lasers will close in. Standing on the bottom most layer will avoid the horizontal laser and the two vertical lasers will stop before they collide with each other.
  • Iris In: Herbaon will warp to the center and cause laser beams to close in around him. Must recieve a amount of damage to cancel this move and render Herbaon defenseless for a moment, should players fail to cancel it, Herbaon will follow up with Quadrato Plasma.
  • Quadrato Plasma: Two lasers will try to home onto a player, one vertical and one horizontal. An additional vertical laser that exclusively homes onto players is added off screen for every player. Herbaon is completely invincible during this attack.


  • Immune to debuffs.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 헤르바온 Herbaon
Japanese Flag.png Japan ヘルバオン Herbaon
Spanish Flag.png Spain Herbaón Herbaon

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