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Demon Commander
Name Karis
NPC Role Demon Commander
Location Backalley of Lanox, Barren Sander, Sandtilus, Heart of Behemoth
Hahaha, soon all of Sander will be buried under the Sand!

~ Karis



The Demon commander in charge of causing the civil outbreak in Sander. A former associate of Luciela she is a high ranking demon working alongside Ran.


Luciela's Escape

Karis was once an acquaintance of Luciela in the Demon World. When Lu was able to escape to the material world in her child form, Karis was alerted of her escape and pursued soon after. A week after Lu's escape, Karis arrived in Lanox, backed in a corner she had killed Ciel. However Lu contracted and fused with Ciel and attempted to flee from Karis through the Backalley of Lanox. There the newly contracted duo fought Karis, driving her away.

Invading Sander

After that she went to Sander to prepare her plan. After the El Search Party defeated Ran, he made his way to Sander to inform Karis to begin her operation to take the Wind Priestess Anduran and reawaken the Old Holy Beast Behemoth.

In order to get her plan in motion, she slaughtered and stripped a Harpy of all her feathers. This act would cause the Harpy leader Kelaino to be on edge for humans, believing they had broke their peace treaty. She then met up with the Trocks in Trock's Lair, she promised the desert dwellers power and their home in Parugo Mountain back, giving Chieftain Trockta an amulet made from the Dark El, she controlled the Trocks to do her bidding. With the help of the Trocks she made her way to the Caluso Tribal Village where she began to corrupt the Wind El behind the villager's backs. With the Wind El turning dark, she used the growing darkness to reinforce Kelaino's distrust in humans and convince her to help her kidnap the Wind Priestess.

Chapter 14: The Secret Truth

With Kelaino by her side, Karis ambushed the Anduran and her guards in Barren Sander. Kelaino swooped in and kidnapped the Wind Priestess then the two fled to Garpai Rock. Karis would not stay long as she and the Trocks took the Wind Priestess to Parugo Mountain in order to reawaken the Behemoth.

Chapter 16: Soul of the Wind

Successful with her plans, she had reawakened Behemoth and was controlling him using the Dark El. The El Search Party, Sander people, and Caluso Tribe were able to immobilize the Behemoth and Karis battled the El Search Party in the Holy Beast's head. Defeated, the El Search Party were able to rescue Anduran however Karis was not done and fled deeper inside to the Heart of Behemoth.

Having her minions and demon parasite scattered throughout the Behemoth's innards, Karis bought time for herself to merge with the beast. When the El Search Party reached the heart, Karis was waiting in her final form having merged with Behemoth, she was ready to control the Holy Beast herself and destroy Sander. The El Search Party fought this new powerful Karis and defeated her. With her dying breath, she uttered that things had only begun, that soon the Ancient God's creations will fall before the demons. Cursing the angels and the Ancient God.

Boss: Karis

Karis's appearance in Sandtilus

Karis will appear in Sandtilus as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Slight Flight: She possesses the ability to float upwards and hover briefly to avoid attacks.
  • Teleporting Slash: She teleports to a player while twirling her scythe in a wide arc. She will tend to do this whenever a player is out of her range.
  • Dark Light: Fires an enormous spread of dark bats comboing and pushing back players in a fashion reminiscent of Chain Burst or Hellfire Gatling, does extremely high damage. In addition, she will typically use her teleport attack and attempt to catch and continue comboing after this.
  • Scythe Reaping: While in flight she can make a reaping motion with her scythe which inflicts Suppression.
  • Scythe Impalement: She swings the blade of her scythe downward like a pickaxe quickly and repeatedly.
  • Soul Scythe: Charges her scythe with dark energies and rushes forwards swinging before ending with her own version of Spiral Blast.
  • Nok Spear: Similar to Splash Explosive but with dark runes.
  • Death Strike: A shower of void balls rains down and explodes around her.
    • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.


  • Has a stoic threshold of 50 hits.
  • All of her moves except Nok Spear have no Super Armor frames so watch out when she uses this move while her Super Armor is active.
  • Stoic threshold of 50 hits which lasts 20 seconds.
  • Has absolute immunity against dark enchant element.
  • Like players she becomes invincible briefly after getting up from being knocked down. (Does not apply to when knocked down.)

Boss: Fully Grown Karis

Karis's appearance in Heart of Behemoth

Karis will appear in Heart of Behemoth as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Void Blast: Fires a simple void ball toward the ground that explodes upon impact.
  • Homing Void Balls: Creates 6 homing void balls and launches them towards the players.
  • Berserk: The columns of flesh will shoot out of the ground but the core will not retract. Karis will continuously attack, often using multiple skills at the same time.
    • Karis will become more aggressive after this.
  • Death Scythe: Summons 6 giant scythes to strike the stage which erupt fountains of dark energy launching players who have been hit upwards. She will immediately chain this attack with Death Chain.
    • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
  • Death Chain: Sends chains across the map creating multiple explosions occur in the air, deals enormous damage to anyone caught in it.
    • Mana breaking is strongly suggested if being hit is unavoidable.
  • Death Strike: Summons a very heavy shower of void balls centering over her core, deals enormous damage at the center.
    • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
    • She will tend to use this more as her health drops, especially after whenever she retracts the core.
    • The balls drop from the top left and move downward to the right, pulling anyone hit along with the shower. The leftmost side is generally more clear of balls.
    • Can be countered.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 카리스 Karis
Japanese Flag.png Japan カリス Karis
Spanish Flag.png Spain Caris Karis

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