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Great Chieftain of the Caluso Tribe
Karu Clear.png
Name Karu
NPC Role Great Chieftain of the Caluso Tribe
Location Caluso Tribal Village
That tragedy cannot repeat itself!

~ Karu



The Great Battle Chief of the Caluso Tribe. Protector of the Wind El and his tribe. The strongest of the Caluso Tribe, and a well respected leader in the Sander region. He rose the ranks to be their most powerful warrior. He lead his men to defend Sander during the great battle of the Behemoth.


The Rage of Behemoth

While not present, it can be assumed that Karu lead much of the battle against the out of control Behemoth alongside the other Caluso chiefs.

Demon Witch Karis

Karis arrived to the Caluso Tribal Village where she used her dark magic to corrupt the Wind El and turn it into a Dark El. Unable to resist the Dark El's influence the Caluso Tribe were working under Karis's command.

Chapter 15: The Predicted Misunderstanding

When Emirate went on his own to the Caluso Tribal Village to relay information about demons being involved, upon arrival Karu send his men to capture and lock up Emirate. With Vapor's plan to overload the Wind El with Wind Energy, the El was able to push out the dark energy and the Caluso Tribe was able to regain control of themselves. After the group explained the situation to Karu, Karu agreed to do whatever to it takes to prevent Karis from reawakening the Behemoth and repeating the tragedy that befell the last Wind Priestess.

Chapter 16: Soul of the Wind

After getting word from the Caluso stationed at Parugo Mountain, Karu was notified that the worst had come, Karis had successfully reawakened Behemoth. Needing a way to counter the situation, Karu excavated the Sandtilus. Still requirement fuel, he alerted his right hand man Vegar to search for Wind Stones alongside the El Search Party and Sander citizens. With the help of Vapor the Sandtilus was up and running and Karu alongside everybody else went into battle to prevent the Behemoth from destroying Sander.

Boss: Great Battle Chief Karu

Karu's appearance in Caluso Tribal Village

Karu will appear in Caluso Tribal Village as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Karu's Slash: He will charge momentarily before unleashing a ground running wind blast that will erupt 4 times as it runs along the ground.
    • Super Armor is off at 3rd hit and can be easily avoid by pass him and then hit him from behind.
  • Quick Teleport: Jumps into the air and comes down near the player.
  • Wind Shield: Creates a magic shield around himself, becoming temporarily invincible for a few seconds and increase his damage by 20%.
  • Karu's Sword Split: A multi-hit sword combo, his sword's reach is greatly multiplied by the wind extending from each slash.
    • He usually use this move when attacked even getting Suppression's debuff.
  • Wind Explosion: Charges a bright green orb of energy in his hand pulling all players towards him before detonating it.
    • This move can easily avoid with do double jump but with timing.
  • Wind Punch: Charges his fist with energy then does a boosted punch while sliding forwards significantly. Usually he will use this move after success hitting his foe with Karu's Slash move.
  • Wind Thrust: Charges his sword with energy then launches a short ranged energy blast from it.
  • Lucent Shredder: Charges his sword with energy then unleashes a spherical slash visually reminiscent to Bloody Accel. Usually he will use this move after success hitting his foe with Karu's Slash move.
    • Super armor is off before he's releasing a slash.
  • Wind Shock: Jumps to the center of the screen and summons four tornadoes that close in from both sides then blows away all players near him with a sword swing.
    • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
    • Appears to gain a use of it when damaged to 28, 18, and 8 bars of health but will not necessarily use it right away or repeatedly allowing it to be bypassed. (Needs more research)


  • Roughly 250/500 resist to all elements.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 카루 Karu
Spanish Flag.png Spain Caru Karu

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