Nasod Carrier

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Nasod Carrier
Name Debrian Nasod Carrier
NPC Role Nasod Carrier
Location Debrian Laboratory

~ Debrian Nasod Carrier

Debrian Nasod Carrier



Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

The ancient massive security Nasod layed in the deepest portion of the Debrian Laboratory guardian Henir's Passage. When the El Search Party managed to stumble their way to the very deepest depths of the lab, they laid witness to the Passage to Henir's Core which was open hundreds of years ago. Before they could really process it, the ground began to open and the Nasod Carrier rose out to protect the First Class Quarantine Area. The El Search Party was awestruck by the shire size of the Nasod, so much so than even Add was impressed that such a thing existed in the lab's depths. The group fought the Nasod Carrier, their attacks barely doing damage to the machine's armor. Raven and Elesis are both surprised at just how advanced the machine is despite being made so long ago. The party however are eventually able to defeat the Nasod Carrier, removing the last wall between them and the Passage to Henir's Core. Eve is able to connect to the system's control console and was able to shut off Henir's Passage, closing off the gateway between Elrios and Henir's Core.

Mini Boss: Nasod Carrier Prototype

Nasod Carrier will appear in Debrian Laboratory as a miniboss.


  • Gyro Ball: The Carrier will surround itself with an electric force field and slowly moves towards the player.
  • Induction Bombing: The Carrier will shoot electricity into the air to create an electric pillar.

Boss: Debrian Nasod Carrier

Nasod Carrier will also appear in Debrian Laboratory as the dungeon's main boss.


Remote Defense Mode:

  • Rapid Spin - Firewall: The Carrier's six parts will rotate around the stage with varying speed while in their neutral position, damaging all targets in their path.
  • Rapid Spin - Spear: The Carrier's six parts will turn sideways and impale anything in their path at varying elevations and speed.
  • Rapid Spin - Laser: The Carrier's six parts will form pairs of two connected by a laser and spin around the stage slowly. One of the pairs will collapse onto the stage during the attack's startup and be vulnerable to attacks.
  • Energy Buster: The Carrier's six parts will gather together in one area of the stage and each will shoot a large laser towards the opposing side of the stage.

Close-up Defense Mode:

  • Gyro Ball: The Carrier will surround itself with an electric force field and slowly moves towards the player.
  • Deployment: The Carrier will continuously summon Nasod Interceptor to circle around the stage and damage any target in their path.
  • Induction Bombing: The Carrier will shoot electricity into the air to create an electric pillar.

Tips & Details

  • Due to its multipart nature in Remote mode or incredibly large size in Close-up mode, this boss is extremely susceptible to wide area attacks such as Carpet Bombing, Eschaton and Karma, allowing those skills to do nearly maximum damage to it, especially during its Energy Buster attack.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 데브리안식 나소드 캐리어 Debrian Model Nasod Carrier

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