Add's Energy Fusion Theory

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Add's Energy Fusion Theory

Add's Energy Fusion Theory. An experiment gone wrong just before its completion. Obtain the complete energy by defeating the raving energy frames.
According to Add's 'Theory', you can acquire the ultimate weapon.
Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
Entry Requirements
  • 1 Player only.

Players must tackled this dungeon solo with additional limitations.

  • Only three Resurrection Stones can be used to revive.
  • Mounts cannot be used.

How to Play

The dungeon will pit you against four trials in a random order. Players must do all of the following:

  • Defeat 2 Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia while Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia Spore spawn in masses.
  • Defeat Energy Frame: Type - Edan, Valak, and Q-PROTO_00.
  • Defeat 3 stationary Energy Frame: Type - Berauk who will constantly strike lightning and try to attack players.
  • Defeat Energy Frame: Type - Bug Walk while it will constantly multiply creating smaller clones of itself.

After completeting all four trials, fight Apocalypse Type - Void itself.

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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Modified Alterasia.png Modified Alterasia - A smaller indestructible Alterasia flower which will continuously spawn Alterasia Spores.
  • Spore Summon: Alterasia plants will continue to spawn more Alterasia Spores, after a couple minutes, will cease to spawn Spores.
Alterasia Spore.jpg Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia Spore - Same as the Alterasia Spores, all mobs can absorb these on contact to regain HP.
  • Heal: Nasods can absorb the spore to heal a significant amount of their HP.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia - A Nasod unit programmed to utilize sword techniques that has been consumed by the Alterasia plants. Function much like it does in 4-X.
  • Sword Combos: Type-H's attacks are basically mixture of Elsword's Sword Knight and Magic Knight. Knows >>^XXX, XXZ, >>ZZX, ZZZ >>^XXX and >>^XZ.
  • Wind Blade: Same as Magic Knight's Wind Blade skill, causing moderate damage to target. Type-H usually uses this move to finish off his combos.
  • Armageddon Blade: Larger and longer than Sword Knight's version (more than half the screen), causing enormously high damage on activation, Type-H will use this whenever he has full mana.
    • Sometimes he will refuse to use it unless he feels he can hit someone with it on activation.
  • Storm Blade: Same as Magic Knight's Storm Blade skill, dealing extremely high damage. Be warned that it is tall enough to reach the top platforms from the bottom of the stage. After being reduced to a certain amount of HP, Type-H will automatically perform Storm Blade. In addition, Type-H will retain stoic for several seconds preventing him from being immediately caught right after this skill.
  • Air Slash: An exact copy of Sword Knight's Air Slash. Tends to use it in a middle of a combo or for catching purposes.


  • Type-H doesn't have Skill Freeze during his Skills, causing his Wind Blade to miss and giving you plenty of time to counter or avoid his Armageddon Blade Cast.
EdanHead.png Energy Frame: Type - Edan - A Nasod replica of Edan created by Add.
  • Increased Mana Regeneration: Like all NPCs, Edan benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate.
  • Roar: Edan unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map and takes away 33% of your HP and 400 MP.
  • Awakening: Edan can activate Awakening under 50% HP.
  • Counter Chance: When Edan falls down, he can sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knock down.
  • Bloody Accel: Edan has a permanent Bloody Accel buff.
  • Evacuation!: Edan has a 99% chance of automatically activating Shadow Strafe when hit from behind.
  • Shadow Piercing: Edan lunges forward with a Shadow Step, dealing heavy damage to anyone he pierces.
  • Cut Tendon: Edan does a low slash aimed at one of the opponent's tendons causing the enemy to Bleed, steadily draining their health while preventing them from running.
  • Berserker Blade: Edan swings his sword in a downwards arc at a short range.
  • Wolf Fang: Edan does a short leap forwards to tackle his opponent with his claw. On contact with a target, Edan will use the opponent to propel himself into the air and swoop downwards causing two crescents from his blade to attack the target, dealing more physical damage.
  • Shockwave - Divider: Edan slashes his sword with a forceful aura to send a sonic shockwave downward at a 135-degree angle that travels in that direction until it goes off-screen.
ValakHead.png Energy Frame: Type - Valak - A Nasod replica of Valak created by Add.
  • Increased Mana Regeneration: Like all NPCs, Valak benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate.
  • Roar: Valak unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map and takes away 33% of your HP and 400 MP.
  • Awakening: Valak can activate Awakening under 50% HP.
  • Scar of Pain: Valak's basic attacks and actives ignore 100% of the target's defense.
  • Counter Chance: When Valak falls down, he can sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knockdown.
  • Subliminal Rage: Valak can activate awakening repeatedly.
  • Weapon Crash: Valak crushes his opponent's weapon with his claw, reducing their damage by 70%.
  • Shadow Piercing: Valak lunges forward with a Shadow Step, dealing heavy damage to anyone he pierces.
  • Ground Impact: Valak smashes the ground with his claw, creating a small quake that launches opponents into the air.
  • Charged Bolt: Valak surrounds himself with a black sphere that sends out piercing black needles all around him.
  • Valkyrie's Javelin: Valak jumps into the air, summoning a number of black javelins that crash onto the ground and explode, deals minimal damage.
  • Wild Charge: Valak unleashes a devastatingly strong punch.
  • Nuclear: Valak summons a Nuclear Missile in front of him, creating a giant mushroom cloud that obliterates everything caught in it.
ProtoHead.png Energy Frame: Type - Q-PROTO_00 - A Nasod replica of Q-PROTO_00 created by Add.
  • Increased Mana Regeneration: Like all NPCs, Code: 00 benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate.
  • Roar: Code: 00 unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map and takes away 33% of your HP and 400 MP.
  • Permanent Awakening: Code: 00 is under a constant state of awakening from the very start of the match.
  • Queen's Throne: Code: 00 constantly has Queen's Throne activated by default.
  • Cloaking: Code: 00 becomes invisible for 4.5 seconds.
  • Metal Dust Aura: Code: 00 summons a number of metal fragments that swirl around her, doing constant DoT damage.
  • Mega Electron Ball: Code: 00 shoots a gigantic Electron Ball.
  • Spear Burst: Code: 00 rises in the air slightly, summoning a volley of dozens of spears to protrude from the ground all around her.
  • Hornet Sting: Code: 00 shoots an extremely fast missile that travels straight forward and explodes.
  • Atomic Blaster: Code: 00 pulls out a machine gun and fires it repeatedly in an upwards arc.
  • Iron Scraps: Code :00 releases a flurry of minature stingers in a circular radius all around her.
  • Junk Break: Code: 00 summons a giant drill that burrows into the enemy, deals minimal damage.
  • Generate Black Hole: Code: 00 summons an ancient piece of Nasod Technology that generates a Black Hole, sucking all opponents in while dealing massive magic damage.
  • Illusion Thorns:' Code: 00 indiscriminately generate sharp Nasod spears to consecutively attack enemies within range.
4YBerauk.png Energy Frame: Type - Berauk - A genetically altered Berauk created by Add. He cannot move, however will attack constantly.
  • Energy Ball: Berauk fire a ball of energy at you.
  • Thunder: Berauk will summon a thunder in front of him, then cast a thunder at your position, Does not provide hitstun but inflicts Slow, burns 50MP and deals high damage.
  • Lightning Shower: Berauk's strongest skill: the boss will raise his staff high into the air when he has full MP and cast multiple Thunders all around him. They are much quicker and is harder to dodge.
AssaulterCrash1.png Energy Frame: Type - Bug Walk - A genetically altered Assault Crasher created by Add.
  • Hammer Swing: Pulls its hammer back then slams it into the ground.
  • Dash: The Glitter dashes towards you and can continue to Leap Hammer or Hammer Swing. (Super Armored)
  • Leap Hammer: The Glitter jumps and pounds down at you heavily with its hammer. He can continue combo-ing from here. (Super Armored)
  • Hammer Swing: Usually chained from Leap Hammer. He simply swings his hammer to sideways and knocks you far far away.
  • Multiply: As the battle goes on, it will multiply adding more copies of itself into the mix, hitting the copies will not, damage Bug Walk.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Energy Fusion System - The longer enemies are active the more powerful they become. With each activation, an enemy will become 50% stronger. They can get buffed up to 10 times.


{{ {{
Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
TypeVoid.png Apocalypse Type - Void - A failed attempt at making an ultimate weapon. Type-Void has gone rouge.
  • Teleport: Warp anywhere on the map at will, mostly used to warp infront of a distant player.
  • Shock Barrier: - Surrounds itself with a short-ranged energy sphere, dealing high damage up close, rarely used, mostly right after being Powered Up or Stoic Threshold.
  • Electro Break: - Immerse its hands with electricity then perform a couple swipes finished by causing the ground in front of it to burst with electricity.
  • Neutron Burst: - Create an explosive sphere of electricity in front of it.
  • Electronic Fall: - Create a large column of energy which deals heavy damage.
  • EMP Field: - Emit a massive sphere of electrical energy. Does not provide hitstun but inflicts Slow, burns 10MP per hit and deals substantial damage, Cancels Mana Break.
    • Mostly used after trying to attack 4 times prior, additionally, when battling at close-range, this is the only Skill that will have Type-Void forced to teleport at you before using.
  • Power Up: - Gradually become stronger as the battle progresses.


  • Add: Heh heh... It's almost complete! According to the theory, it should soon.. The Ultimate Weapon, [Apacolypse Type - Void]!! Wha, what! This can't be!? Shoot! It was almost complete!! Nooooooooo~-~-~-~!!!
Legendary Weapon
Icon Name Stat Stages Enhancement Bonuses
4-yweapon.png4-YStaff.png4-YBow.png4-YBlade.png4-YDrones.png4-YCannon.pngApocalypse Type Void Spear.png4-YClaymore.png4-YDynamo.png4-YDualWeapon.png4-YGuns.png4-YPendulum.png Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon

Lv95 Weapon:

Stage 1: +3% Critical Hit Rate
Stage 2: +3% Attack Speed
Stage 3: +3% Maximization
Stage 4: +3% Additional Damage
Stage 5: Physical Attack Lvl.3, Magical Attack Lvl.3
Stage 6: +5% Damage Reduction, +5% Awakening Charge
Stage 7: +9% HP
Stage 8: +9% MP Gain when attacking
Stage 9: +2.5% Elemental Effect Chance
Stage 10: 2.5x Damage against Knocked-down mobs (Dungeon)
Stage 11: +75 Elemental Resist
Stage 12: 5% chance of double attack (Except special active skills)
Stage 13: +10% Damage on enemy with 30% or lower HP
Stage 14: +7% Critical Hit Rate, +7% Additional Damage, +7% Maximization
Stage 15: +10% All Skill Damage

Enhancement +9: +7.5% Physical Defense, +7.5% Magical Defense
Enhancement +10: Physical Attack Lvl.10, Magical Attack Lvl.10
Enhancement +11: +5% All Skill Damage, -5% All Skill Cooldown, -5% All Skill MP Cost
Enhancement +12: +10% Critical Damage
Enhancement +13: +20% Max MP






  • It is revealed in the game files that this dungeon was originally intended to have another miniboss, Energy Frame: Type - Kayak.
  • When it was first released, it was originally located in Altera.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 애드의 에너지융합 이론 Add's Energy Fusion Theory
Japanese Flag.png Japan エドのエネルギー融合理論 Add's Energy Fusion Theory
German Flag.png Germany Adds Energiefusionstheorie Add's Energy Fusion Theory
Spanish Flag.png Spain Teoría de la energía de fusión de Add Add's Fusion Energy Theory
French Flag.png France La théorie de fusion d'énergie d'Add Add's Energy Fusion Theory
Italian Flag.png Italy Teoria della Fusione Energetica di Add Add's Energy Fusion Theory
Polish Flag.png Poland Teoria fuzji energii Adda Add's Energy Fusion Theory
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Teoria de Fusão Energética do Add Add's Energy Fusion Theory

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