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Mermaid Queen
Name Sirena
NPC Role Mermaid Queen
Location Phantasmal Geyser, Charming Geyser
I will give it to you, of course if my savior wishes.

~ Sirena



The guardian queen of the mermaids in the Phantasmal Geyser. She was hypnotized by the demon duo Jin and In.


Chapter 18: An Exposed Dark Secret

A Queen of the Mermaids in Phantasmal Geyser, she too fell prey to the Demon's charm potions. She was further corrupted by the demon duo Jin and In which used their magic to drive the Mermaid Queen mad. From then on she blocked the path of the El Search Party making it difficult for them to dispense the antidote the Pesop had made. Even after the El Search Party was able to drop the antidote into the springs, Sdeing and Sirena's conditions still remained under the Demon's influence. It was till the El Search Party defeated Sirena again did she snap out of her mind control. Eternally grateful she offers anything to the group in a very seductive manor to Ciel and Elsword mesmerization. Chung nervously asks Sirena for her Crystal Ball, which she gratefully bestows to them.

Boss: Entranced Sirena

Sirena's appearance in Phantasmal Geyser

Sirena will appear in Phantasmal Geyser as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Bubble Fall: Sirena will summon a pillar of four bubbles and each one will fall diagonally.
  • Circle Attack: She will swim in a circular motion rapidly hitting her target and knocking them away.
  • Water Upper: She will swim around the stage out of range. Then an area will bubble for a moment before she bursts out from the ground.
  • Retreat: Sirena will dive into the ground and reappear on her throne. She'll summon a group of Entranced Mermen.
  • Water Burst: From her throne, she can cause several areas of the field to burst with small geysers of water. She will return back to the foreground after this attack.


  • Sirena has heart shaped pupils.
  • Sirena shows up at the background at Lanox's hot spring Charming Geyser.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 세이레나 Sirena
Japanese Flag.png Japan セイレナ Sirena
Polish Flag.png Poland Syrena

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