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The User Interface provides information at a glance for your convenience, as well as access to numerous options and menus, through the use of visual indicators. It can be fully hidden by pressing the [Delete] key.

UI Guide

An overview of the user interface

Character Information

Your character's HP, MP, Awakening Orbs, and other information is displayed in the top-left corner of your screen. Certain characters may display additional information depending on their Character System. If you currently have a Pet summoned, its hunger and MP will be displayed underneath your character's portrait.


The channel you are currently in, as well as your location within the game, will be displayed in the top-right of your screen. By clicking on the arrow next to your current channel, you can quickly select another channel to switch to, without exiting back to the menu (Can only be used in towns).

Buffs and Debuffs

Main Article: Status Effects

Your current Buffs and Debuffs are displayed just underneath your Channel/Location info. Small icons will appear to indicate the buffs and/or debuffs your character currently has, as well as an accompanying timer to signify how much longer the effect will last. Server-wide buffs/benefits that affect every player, are listed in the top-center of the screen.

Active Quests

Main Article: Quests

Up to six of your currently active Quests will be displayed here, in order to easily track your progress. Upon completion of a quest, you are given the option to QuickClear.png a quest with a single click while in a town or field. Clicking on a quest will bring up the full information of it in the quest menu. To hide your active quests from your UI, you can disable it from the quest menu, or by pressing the [TAB] key.


Events are temporary activities that you can participate in for various rewards and benefits. Information about ongoing events can usually be found by hovering over, or clicking on event icons at the top of your screen.


The minimap indicates nearby NPCs and Party Members in towns. In dungeons, it will also display the number of remaining mobs in an area. You can click the 'M' button next to the minimap to view the Town/World map, or by pressing the [M] key. Pressing the key in a Dungeon will display the Dungeon map. Mail information and item durability warnings are displayed next to the minimap. A repair option will appear here when your equipment durability is low, allowing you to repair it mid-dungeon, although repairing using this method costs significantly more than at a blacksmith.


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Events Item Mall

Event Menu

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Jumping Event Album El Mission Friend Invitation Friend Invitation Elrios Aim Bingo


The Character screen is an overview of information about your character. Here you can manage your equipment and costumes, which can be equipped/unequipped by dragging and dropping, or right-clicking. You can also select other options to further strengthen, or customize your character, as well as view your levels, guild name, available K-Ching, and resurrection stones. Your character's stats and resistances are displayed in the lower portion of the screen

Other information and options available on the character screen are as follows.

Skill/Item Slots

Main Article: Skills

The Skill Slots are where you equip your skills to use in combat. 4 slots are available by default, and an additional 4 slots (B-Slot) can be unlocked by purchasing Skill Slot Change Medal from the Item Mall, or a 30-day one by completing a quest from Ariel. Transcendence unlocks an additional skill slot, and an additional slot (T-Slot) can be unlocked by purchasing Skill Slot Expansion (Transcendent) from the Item Mall. Upon unlocking your hyperactive skill, a hyperactive skill slot will be unlocked, which can only be occupied by your hyperactive skill.

Quick Slots

Quick Slots are used to equip consumable items from your inventory, such as potions, food, drinks, Monster Cards, and other consumables. These items can only be used during gameplay if they are equipped to one of your quick slots, and will trigger the item's cooldown when swapping items in a field or dungeon. Equipping them in a town or resting area, skips the cooldown. By default, 3 quckslot slots are unlocked, the remaining 3 must be unlocked by purchasing the Extend Quick Slot item from the Item Mall.


Your skill slots, quick slots, and special slots, can all be freely moved around on your screen. Their locations can be reset back to their defaults positions by resetting them in the options menu.


Extreme Nasod Megaphone

Megaphone Chat

By using a Nasod Megaphone, you can broadcast a message that is visible to everyone in channel you are currently in. The Extreme Nasod Megaphone works the same way, but instead broadcasts your message across the entire server (All Channels). These messages will appear in the Megaphone Chat, along with the current channel the user sent it from shown next to their name. Megaphones are obtained from the Item Mall, Ariel, trading, or events.


Toggling chat message visibility.
The chat box displays chat messages, announcements, system messages, whispers, and exp/ED information. There are multiple chat tabs in which you can switch to, in order to view specific types of chat messages only. These include:
  • All: View all chat messages and notifications
  • Party: Show only party chat
  • Guild: Show only guild chat
  • Whisper: Show only whispers you have sent/received
  • Couple: Available after becoming a couple with another player, allows you to communicate privately between one another.


By right-clicking on any of the chat tabs, you can further customize what content you would prefer to be visible in each one, by toggling the options to your liking. The chat box can be resized vertically and moved around freely to your liking. You can lock the chat box in place by click the lock icon, or hide it completely by clicking the speech bubble icon next to it.

Begin Playing

Starting A Dungeon

Main Article: Dungeons

By click the Dungeon button, you can select the region and dungeon in which you wish to play in, granted you have them unlocked. Dungeons that are grayed out, currently cannot be accessed until you unlock them by meeting the requirement(s), and complete all dungeons leading up to it in that region.


On the majority of dungeons, you have the option to either automatically queue up for a party, by pressing the larger Start Dungeon (F8) button, or immediately enter as-is with Start with current members. When queuing, you are required to meet the minimum Appropriate Item Level, as well as at least be in the level range for that dungeon in order to start. The latter option bypasses these requirements completely.


Arena interface

Sometimes dungeons, and region tabs will be marked with specific icons.

  • Dungeons and Regions marked with a (Q) indicate that an active quest is available there.
  • Dungeons marked with a Flag icon indicates that Hero's Call is active, and will reward a Heroes Coin upon completion if Start Dungeon was selected.
  • Regions marked with Chains, indicate that the region's Secret Dungeon is currently open.
  • Secret Dungeons with a Padlock over them, indicate that they are closed. You can hover over them to see the next date in which they will be open.

Starting a PvP Match

Main Article: PvP

Entering a PvP match is much the same as entering a dungeon. By clicking the Arena button, you may select your preferences for combat, such as number of competitors, map exceptions, as well your progress towards your next rank.

Party System

Forming parties is very beneficial, as you can receive benefits such as increased drop rates, fever buffs, and the ability to clear dungeons faster due to playing as a team. The party leader is indicated by a star next to their portrait, and has the full ability to invite or kick members from the party, and select which dungeon or activity to enter, with the rest of the party's consent.

Forming a Party

There are multiple ways to form a party.

  • Right-click on your character or portrait and select "Add Party", then type in a name.
  • Accessing the Community [0], Friends [Y], or Guild tabs and inviting someone from the player lists.
  • Right-clicking on a player in a town or field, and selecting "Party Invite".



  • 08/11/2012 (KR) / 06/04/2013 (NA)
    • UI Revamped
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